AB + Publications is the exclusive publisher of the books written by Dr. Sylvie Deslauriers, PhD MSc FCPA auditor FCA CPA(FL) CMA(US)

Dr. Deslauriers is an Associate Professor of accounting since 1988. Over the years, she has become a specialist in the teaching of multidisciplinary integrated cases. With a great interest to help accounting students, she has participated to numerous professional examination processes. She also has been frequently invited to a number of universities as a guest professor, and to various accounting firms as an outside consultant.

Thanks to her teaching skills, her enthusiasm, her sense of humor, and her clear, efficient use of language she is able to successfully initiate her students into sometimes very complex concepts. In writing books, her priority is to conceive essential tools to help students to better succeed and to develop their professional skills. In the course of her career, she has received many awards, distinctions and grants.